August 21, 2017 8:41 am

Well, it looks like Charles Manson is doing well after a near-death experience in January 2017. The 82-year-old former cult leader posed for a new mug shot — his first in 3 years — and he looks pretty healthy.

Charles Manson, 82, seems to be alive and kicking after experiencing a near-death situation just a few months ago. The former cult leader, who’s currently serving a life sentence for killing a ton of people, posed for a new mug shot Monday, Aug. 14, at the Corcoran State Prison in Northern California, and as you can see, he looks pretty healthy. TMZ was first to share the pic, and site believes he may have had more work done to the swastika tattoo just above his eyebrows. He’s also bald now, so while he certainly looks healthy, he’s aged just a bit since we last saw him.

Charles made headlines earlier this year for a number of health scares that led him to Bakersfield’s Mercy Hospital. He was rushed there on Jan. 2, when he reportedly experienced intestinal bleeding. At the time, his future looked bleak, but he experienced some sort of miracle and survived the ordeal. He will, however, spend the rest of his days on Earth in jail after instructing his followers to commit nine murders over five weeks in 1969, including that of actress Sharon Tate — who was pregnant when she was killed. Charles was found guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy in 1971. The members of his following — those who helped him carry out the murders — are still serving time, too.

“Prisoners get photographed every few years for security reasons … if they escape, the photo authorities put out will resemble the inmate.”

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