December 21, 2017 8:59 am

The gambling industry is always looking for new and innovative ideas to bring in new players, while still retaining the current customer base. We’ve seen a sharp rise over the last few years in the popularity of slot games at online casinos, and now that people can play them on the go on their smartphones and tablets; there has never been so much interest. One way in which developers and operators have looked to keep people entertained is through the use of different themes, when it comes to video slot games.

Offering players the chance to play themed slot games is a sure fire way to keep them interested, and not only that, but playing for longer too. Generic games are often played a few times before the customer ends up getting bored and moving on to another game, or worse, another operator’s website or app. The competition is extremely fierce in the gambling industry, so it’s vitally important to always offer players new and intriguing content.

One of the themes that has been adopted by industry leaders is that of horror. Horror films have always been hugely popular with the public because the storylines and content are always tend to be intense as well as gripping. The same applies when it comes to porting this over into slot game format too. The games will instantly become more attractive, with the visuals and audio adding to the whole experience making it even more authentic.

Looking at one of the most popular horror slot games such as Immortal Romance, players have everything that they could ever want from a slot game. It’s a mixture of a love story combined with horror in a great five-reel game developed by gaming giants Microgaming. There are five great bonus features too, with potentially huge rewards on the cards.  The game has a great look to it too, with spooky pictures and intriguing music. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular online slot games out there right now.

We’ve seen how over the years that horror films have been transformed into hit video games and it certainly comes as no surprise that they’re proving hugely successful as slots too. Game changing films such as Psycho, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Invisible Man and The Mummy have all made their way over to the online casino world and proved extremely popular with players. Furthermore, operators recognise that when the games have been produced by the likes of Microgaming; that they’re not only going to look the part, but bonuses and game features will all be seamlessly incorporated and work perfectly.

With the gaming industry never one to stand still, we’ll be certain to see more themed slot games arrive in the future. This will certainly assist gaming companies appeal to bigger audiences thanks to interest from new players, whilst current customers will be more inclined to hang around for longer and play for longer too.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella