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Think horror theme parties are only for the Halloween season? Think again!

If you love horror games and movies, then you can enjoy horror theme parties all year long. All you need is your chums, some creativity, and the basic prep work. That said, the effort you put in such parties is totally worth it!

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The following are 4 of the most fun and wicked horror theme parties that you can host for your friends:

1.The Scare Game

The concept of “the scare game” is really simple- you divide your friends into two teams, and the goal of each team is to get as many screams as possible from the other team.

Before starting the game, it’s a good idea to establish some ground rules. Naturally, you would want to ban the use of physical force throughout the game. Instead, the screams should be aimed for by using the environment and jump scares, etc. Teams shouldn’t be allowed to bribe the other team or force them through any other ways.

You would want to dim the lights inside the house and place some props around for added fun. As for tracking the screams you can probably use poker chips so that whenever a member of one team screams, they have to hand over a poker chip to the other team.

The ideal duration of “the scare game” could be anywhere between 20 to 30 minutes, or even slightly more if you like.

2.Old-School Haunted Casino Hotel Party

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If you are into playing casino games then nothing beats the horror aura of an old-school casino hotel. So, why not use this idea for your house party?

You can transform your house into a temporary old-school casino hotel. You can replace white lights with the golden ones, and the modern items from the rooms with older decorations to give it a genuine look. You can even take inspiration from existing hotels such as the El Cortez Hotel & Casino, etc.

It could be great fun to play poker with your friends in a vintage casino hotel setting. There are also lots of horror themed slot games such as Psycho that you could play as you just need to big screen.

You can even add your own fun elements to the theme. For instance, you can create a backstory for the night in which the dealer is a ghost who wants to kill the players (your friends), or maybe have the person who makes the least amount of money in the game has to survive 15 minutes alone in the “room of the dead” where they will be subjected to all kinds of horrors, etc.

3.A Horror Movie Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is always fun. However, it reaches a whole new level when you add the “horror” element to it.

Here is how you do it- pick a famous horror movie such as Evil Dead, The Exorcist, etc. and then create 20 riddles/puzzles related to it. To play the game, divide your friends into two teams, and hand over the first clue. This will lead them to the next clue, which will take them to the next one, and so on. This will go on until one of the teams finds the final clue that leads to the treasure (which could be anything, a premium pack of cigars, blu-ray disks of popular horror movies, etc.).

4.Zombie Attack

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If you are hosting a big party for which you are expecting dozens of guests and willing to spend a decent amount of money to take things up a notch, then you can think about creating a scene from The Walking Dead.

The title “Zombie Attack” party pretty much gives it all away. You hire a few people willing to play zombies in your party (you can either post an ad on craigslist or even hire these from an agency if there is one available in your area) and direct them to attack your guests in the middle of the party.

You can take the concept of zombie attack any way you want. You can set up a survival game in which you and your friends get locked up in a room and plan escape, or maybe you can arrange for fake guns that can be used for taking the zombies down one by one. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with the zombies.

So, these were some of the most fun ideas for a horror theme party for you and your friends. Feel free to experiment with them or add your own twist. After all, it’s all about having a good time in the end.

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