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Every country in the world has locations that are reportedly haunted. Often, we shrug off the stories as nonsense or simply a tale someone is spinning to scare up some publicity or get attention.

However, when enough people have experienced the same spine chilling sensations and heard the same cries it becomes hard to ignore the stories.

Visitors to these Australian sites have reported hearing wailing, seeing transparent floating figures, orbs and drastic drops in temperature while feeling like someone is trying to suffocate them.

The stories for each location are the same, told by visitors from all over the world who couldn’t possibly know each other.

Monte Cristo Home Stead, New South Wales

When you first set eyes on this attractive double-story late Victorian Manor, with its intricate lace style balustrade and balcony, you would never guess the secrets it holds. The family that has lived in the house for the last 50 years have experienced repeated supernatural events.

There are storeys of children that have been pushed down the stairs, a maid that jumped off the balcony, and possibly most disturbing of all, a mentally unstable boy chained to the outhouse for over thirty years.

Believers credit the ghosts of the original owners, Mr and Mrs Crawley for what we can honestly say are some horrific unexplainable incidents.

The Devils Pool, Northern Queensland

Just South of the Cairns you will find a tourist attraction of indescribable untouched natural beauty and horror. Hidden behind a veil of untouched forest are the cursed Babinda Boulders, a very popular tourist attraction.

Of course, many tourists who visit the area are not aware of its local name, The Devils Pool, feared by the Aborigines of the area and for good reason.

The tragic tale is one of love torn apart, which resulted in a young tribe’s woman throwing herself into the pool and drowning, rather than facing life without her lover.

Since then there have been 17 recorded deaths in the seemingly calm pools, 16 of which have been young men who have been forcibly held under the water by unseen hands. You may be safer enjoying some online betting than going for a dip.

Port Arthur, Tas

Port Arthur has witnessed over a thousand deaths during its 47 years as a penitentiary. Many of these spirits have clung to the stonewalls refusing to move on.

Stories of spirit encounters have been recorded since 1870, the most disturbing of which is a small girl lying at the bottom of a flight of stairs, arm twisted under her body, broken.

Many visitors have seen the ‘Blue Lady’ who walks through the halls looking for her new-born child who passed away during the birth, and there are photos of the ghostly faces of children peering from the windows at visitors below.

The Haunted Redbank Range Railway Tunnel

This town is the most haunted place in Australia, simply based on the number of haunted sites within its boundaries, and if you are superstitious, steer clear. The town was founded in 1821 and has had a disturbing history.

Home to the Redbank Range railway tunnel which has claimed several resident’s lives, the tunnel is haunted by a young resident Emily Bollard.

Emily was killed by a train when she entered the tunnel late one evening and continues to haunt anyone who enters it, and there have been reports of ghostly children and orbs keeping her company.

Visit at your own peril.

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