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The Forbidden Doll island is also known as Isla de las Munecas. In Spanish, this is interpreted as The Island of the Dolls. My half-brother Andrew (Andres/Andy) Somprise Soyo went to Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico. The year was 1988. Andy met a young Mexican local woman named Darlene Rodriguez and Darlene and Andy hit it off. Darlene showed Andy the sites in Mexico City and showed him the Pyramid of the Moon (Teotihuacan). Darlene after showing Andy the pyramid asked if he would like to see an island that would blow his mind. Andy, being the adventurer that he was, said “yes”. Darlene took him to the eerie island known as The Island of the Dolls. This island is just south of Mexico City and it is between the canals of Xochimico. This island at one time was not a tourist attraction, but since some paranormal shows have featured this island, paranormal enthusiasts now flock to the island.

Legend has it, the island was dedicated to a young girl that drowned. My half-brother Andy said that the island has hundreds of horrific looking dolls hanging from the trees. The dolls are missing limbs, missing eyes, decaying filthy plastic and decapitated heads. The dolls with eyes, look like they are looking right into your soul. Andy said that the hair on his arms stood on end. Andy felt queasy on the island and saw what appeared to be misty shapes moving about the forest. The island once belonged to a man named Don Julian Santana Barrera. Santana was a loner, introvert and did not like to socialize. Santana discovered a drowned girl in one of the canals. By the drowned girl was a floating doll. Santana believed the floating doll belonged to the drowned girl. As a sign of respect, Santana hung the doll on one of the trees. Santana after returning home, was plagued by the sound of whispers and hearing footsteps. During the evening, he would hear strange wailing cries in the night. Driven mad from the paranormal activity that was happening around him, for the next 50 years he started hanging dolls from the trees at this island. This was a way to appease the spirit of the drowned girl and the dark forces that now haunt him. What makes this a big mystery is that Santana in 2001 was found dead in the exact spot where he found the drowned girl. Locals believed he was cursed by the drowned girl and that dark forces sought revenge upon Santana. Somehow Santana made the spirits angry.

Carlos Menendez, a visitor of the island said that he actually witnessed some of the dolls moving their heads, legs and arms. One doll even winked at him. My half-brother island felt little hands running through his scalp and his girlfriend at the time Darlene had a short fainting spell.

Other stories from tourists:

CHUCKIE VISITS THE ISLAND OF THE DOLLS Ximena Ruiz said that as a joke, she placed a Chuckie doll on the island. Her two friends told her it was disrespectful and that she should not do it. Ximena did it anyway. When she returned home after visiting the island, she had several nightmares where she was walking alone on the island. As she walked, all of the dolls on the island turned their heads to look at her. Before she knew it, the dolls started screaming and laughing. Some of the dolls started pointing their finger at her. Then out of the thickets Chuckie was approaching her and carrying a large knife. In each dream that she had, Chuckie was getting closer and closer. Ximena felt she was in danger and returned to the island and found the Chuckie doll that she left behind. Ximena took the Chuckie doll home and had it blessed. Ximena’s nightmares have now stopped. Ximena says she will never disrespect the island in anyway, shape or form.

THE DOLL ISLAND PORTAL Lorenzo Suarez in 2003 visited the island with two friends. Lorenzo says that on one area of the island he felt like he was walking through a surreal doorway. The atmosphere was like a flowing jelly substance and the sky was no longer blue, the sky was an orangish tint. As he entered this doorway and looked around, he saw a multitude of shadowy figures and they were all looking at him. Lorenzo started screaming and running back to where he felt the doorway should be. Lorenzo felt the flowing jelly substance once again and before he knew it, he was back in his reality, the sky was once again blue and he could clearly see the dolls hanging from the trees.

DOLL ISLAND HOBGOBLIN: Jimena Velez claims in 2009 while visiting the island with her father, they came across a small humanoid creature. Jimena said it looked like a hobgoblin. After this encounter, Jimena spent time on the Internet trying to see what they encountered and the only thing she could find on the Internet was a drawing of a hobgoblin. This drawing was similar to what she encountered with her father. The hobgoblin moved swiftly across some lily pads, through bushes and towards Jimena and her father. Jimena said in a blink of an eye, the hobgoblin jumped on her father and scratched his neck and then ran back into the bushes. Jimena’s father was bleeding from his neck and had 3 scratch wounds on his neck.

Special Note: I believe that Jimena and her father encountered a demonic entity in the guise of a hobgoblin. The 3 scratches on the father’s neck was a warning to stay off the island.

I have never been to Forbidden Doll Island and one day I would like to conduct my own investigation of the island. This paranormal hotspot is definitely on my bucket list.


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