July 4, 2018 10:24 am

Falling chandeliers? A one-legged woman floating around the halls? This place has EVERYTHING.

Called Villa Paula, some consider it to be the most haunted home in the city, with rumors of a one-legged woman who roams the hallways.

Built in 1926 to be a Cuban consulate, it was made entirely of materials imported from the country and designed by an architect who lived in Havana. Though the 2,522-square-foot home has 18-foot ceilings and 10-bedrooms, the stunning design is overcome by its sad history and seemingly haunted present.

Here’s the backstory: Domingo Milord, a Cuban consul, lived there with his wife, Paula (friendly reminder, it’s called Villa Paula), for a few years. Eventually, Paula died from complications due to a leg amputation, and the home closed as a consulate.

Fast forward to 1974, when a man named Cliff Ensor bought Villa Paula and started to refurbish it. Here’s where the haunted tales get good. Cliff said he saw a one-legged woman floating down the hallway, and would randomly smell roses and coffee. He’d also hear piano music and the clack of high-heel shoes, and sometimes see his silverware thrown about. Then, Biscayne Times reports, a chandelier crashed to the floor and three of Cliff’s cats were killed after a gate suddenly slammed shut. Not terrifying enough? Cliff began holding seances at the house, and a psychic told him spirits were inhabiting Villa Paula.

Eventually, he sold the house and moved on — but the hauntings allegedly continued. Apartment Therapy reports that Cuban fashion designer Fernando Garcia rented Villa Paula and would hear thumping sounds near the back door. One time his cat even disappeared. The groundskeeper also said objects would be moved around from where he last left them, and once, a light fixture began to turn on and off at random.

Still interested? The house is listed by ONE Sotheby’s International Realty for $4.5 million. In recent years, it’s been used as a special event space, gallery, and museum. Seriously, how sick would House Hunters: Spooky Spots be? There has to be people out there who are willing to spend almost $5 million on a haunted house, and if you’re one of them, call me.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella