April 5, 2019 1:38 pm

15-year-old says a voice had instructed her mother and sister to perform sexual acts on a broomstick.

A 15-year-old girl told the courts yesterday that her mother and sister had performed sexual acts on a broomstick in front of her eyes after her mother received instructions from a supernatural “voice”.

The girl was testifying via video conference as part of a case against her 18-year-old boyfriend, who has been charged with rape, forcing vulnerable people to perform sexual acts against their will, as well as a raft of other charges.

She said that she met her boyfriend in May 2018 but that the supernatural had long been part of her home life and that it started when her mother bought a Ouija board after she was caught cheating on her husband.

The mother would buy satanic dolls online

Her mother would use divination instruments such as dowsing rods and pendulums and she would buy satanic dolls online. The mother later said that she had made a pact wth the devil to solve her financial problems but that her money dried up as soon as she revealed this pact to her daughter.

According to the 15-year-old, the house was rife with paranormal activity, such as doors opening and closing themselves and clocks resetting themselves to 3am, the so-called Devil’s Hour. On one occasion, handprints and a young girl’s face appeared in the bathroom mirror.

When she was a young girl, she had seen a blue inverted cross appear on her father’s forehead while he beat up her mother after catching her cheating on him.
She said her family and her started hearing a ‘voice’ in the house in August last year, soon after she met her boyfriend.

“Sometimes it would be a baby’s voice, sometimes three at once, sometimes an older person’s voice,” she said. “Everyone in the house would hear it and it would come from various directions.”

The ‘voice’ would speak in Maltese, English and Latin and sometimes give banal instructions, such as telling her not to go out or her mother not to smoke. However, it would also give disturbing orders, such as telling the two sisters to bathe with each other and their mother to strip naked and recount how she had had sex with different men.

In the bathing incident, the girl insisted that the voice couldn’t have come from her boyfriend, as he was sitting next to her when the ‘order’ was boomed out from another room.

Once, the mother told the girl that the ‘voice’ had instructed her and her sister to perform a sexual act on a broomstick, while the girl’s boyfriend was in the vicinity.

A satanist who holds black masses would have sex with the girl’s mother.

“I covered my boyfriend with a blanket so he couldn’t see, and my mother then asked me to use the broomstick on her but I refused,” she said. “I saw my sister putting the broomstick up my mother’s private parts.”

“I couldn’t [stop her], what could I do? These are supernatural things…something could then happen to me. I was always afraid as a child that this would affect me. These things aren’t normal.”

The girl also recounted how they had once visited a satanist called ‘Dimech’ who would hold black masses in a large building and who would have sex with her mother.

The case is being presided over by magistrate Aaron Bugeja, and Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi is acting as the defence lawyer of the accused. The court has banned the publication of the names of the victims and the accused.


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