July 12, 2019 1:14 pm

Divine intervention? Police urged the driver to recognise the “hint from above”

A speeding driver in Germany was saved from a €105 (£93) fine when a snow-white dove interceded on his behalf.

The driver was caught on speed cameras – but his identity was hidden by the bird’s wings spread in flight.

A light-hearted police statement suggested that perhaps “it was no coincidence the Holy Spirit” intervened – a reference to the dove as a symbol of that aspect of God in Christianity.

“We have understood the sign and leave the speeder in peace this time.”

But the officials in Viersen, near Germany’s western border, added: “We hope that the protected speeder likewise understands this ‘hint from above’ and drives appropriately in the future.”

The driver was travelling at 54km/h (34mph) on a stretch of road with a 30km/h speed limit, police said.

But since only the car, and not the driver, could be identified, he was probably spared the €105 fine “thanks to the feathered guardian angel with seemingly carefully spread wings”.

The Viersen police added that the dove should also have been fined for moving so fast in the restricted zone.

“However, since we do not know where it has to be on time for [the upcoming Christian holy day of] Pentecost, we will allow mercy over justice here too.”

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This post was written by Nadia Vella