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This highly acclaimed Odyssey is written in a new Literary and Poetic Style I developed – “GRAPHORRHOEALISM” – and the soundtrack:


This soundtrack is now in pre-production as a short film!

Review extracts:-

“Her Athenian entablatures are the final presentation of genius” HONORARY PROFESSOR B. BLACKWELL – POET – REVIEWER

“Her words intimidate the intellect of the world’s greatest philosophers” D. BATTEN – EDITOR – READ HERRINGS LITERARY JOURNAL – USA


(A Journey to the Centre of the Psyche with the Syntactic Pyromaniac)

by Cassandra Swan

An extremely tetchy, trauma geyser is fizzing – as an obfusc, voodoo brew – beneath a serene, graceful surface: yet more of my unruly lifetime’s, stymied debris to excavate – from the Abaddonian, soul-stirring slime pit – and perspicaciously express. My psyche’s Patagonian mosquito has landed: drilling for blood, it pierces my soul as a psychotic maniac with a rubiginous syringe! Deep within my subconscious, Mnemosynian archives, there resides a jagged, gyte shard: I must extract this parlous, psychological artefact – succinctly as a piece of intricately miniated hydria – and circumspectly inspect it. My glyptic wisdom will scroll poetically into cryptic diction; ornate as exquisite mezzo-relievo. These curious, iconic epics will evolve into abstruse, chronological, psychological dossiers; then filed in a historic, confessional-elegy library. I am The Warring Harridan: a psychagogue, moulting my pneuma’s tedious onus by boundlessly fly-tipping versified ire as eclaircissemental offerings – to volumes of personally quirky poetry books. My Bragian, internal brouhaha will be the theme of lengthy deliberation and criticism. My radical, Callopian cries will spansulise, and liberalize diatribes.

I sense an epic, minacious monster creeping out from dank cobwebs in a derelict crypt. Sunless recesses of my essence are melancholy potholes; muskegs, swollen with cognitive sewage. As a thaumaturgist, I transform intricate transference into fascinating, spiritually visual symbols, and phenomenal, refined Tyrian lines. I am prancing verbosely into a new arena of hearts and minds. The Alexander Technique filched-out stout, psychotherapeutic rats a few years back; squealing and mincing frantically through my emotional bilge-pump; leaping out through my drainpipe-epiglottis. I will cast more vermin out, poisoning them for good this time! An evil-eyed demon, the psycho, a demented artist – with a flick-knife, gun and hydrophidae – sculpted me twenty years ago into an intensely wise woman. Adam rises to consciousness in a Blake-blazing vision; he switches elements and dimensions. This devilish, black-rose abreaction triggers an odious, Troparion oil slick! On the rumbling genesis of a tumultuous, sentimental tempest, my psyche’s trireme will carry me through Acheron to a symbolic ravage. With irregular, cerebral outpourings, I will share my technical peak experiences and psychodynamics, as a psychiatric travel guide on a scenic, oceanic undulation. I must journey beyond the intrepid war of ghosts, as a bard revered. My psycho-synthesis passages always aim for spiritual peace and credence.

Prophetic, higher realms tell me – when I alight from my trireme – a Shaman’s giant, Snowy Owl will swoop and ululate! It will encircle the whirlwind of my mind, as an unruly, noctivagant poltergeist! Then it will perch before me, a surreal, sagacious counsel, eagerly propounding more psychologically sullied evidence, to close this tragic, Gnostic case. This Harridan will suspire fire: illuminating the grimy, insipid sea with flaming waves in a Magritte masterpiece. An over-zealous Armageddon will manifest: orgulous, intrusive psychopaths will challenge me! However, I will see through their veil of convivial sincerity. Man will continually try to sporadically employ supremacy over me; Freud’s vampires sucking at my unrepentant, Lorelei ego! Beyond the shore – as fate would have it – there is yet another war zone! I crawl: weary as a solitary soldier, digging my way forward with mud-encrusted elbows! I surreptitiously search for a symbolic orillion, to steal from a battlement, and enter my Trophonion, poet-trench.

As a tactical manoeuvre, I divert from a putative, ruthless plutocrat; refusing to squirm at his material behest! I develop new, elegiac geostrategy and Lokian persona; carefully establishing fresh munitions and maskirovka. I transcribe in my spiritual journal as a fully-fledged, accomplished pace-setter; a hard-core, Polyhymnian Graphorrhoealist, in my confessional, Poetic, Foreign Legion. I flex my newly acquired, versified ligaments, as a lurid lynx on heat. I am a slick lexicographer, with insurgent tongue and lissom feet. As Megaera, I am, now, a poetic gladiator; opposing the literati megalomaniacs; fighting – introspectively – for a place on the pellucid, world page, in diffusion of responsibility. My perilous, Russian Muse ignites my riotous heart. Vladimir demands a forward-march! Plucking, the pristine, mnemonic strings on my allegorical, Pyrrhic victory harp. A fusion of instincts with Mayakovsky incites my spirit. “To poetic battle!” he cries. “I am ready for battle!” I reply.

Insane as a Queen, I behead superfluous suitors! Striking off Dr Death – the subordinate Acephalite – for gross plagiarising and punctuated negligence! My calm cranium looms – as a gesticulating, Revolutionary ghost – from a well-mourned tomb. Where are the rivals? They dissemble – as if to trick the old dog – but I have learned new tricks. This Harridan – propelled by dignified furore – will take an unexpected route: ancillary enemies have to be content with following suit. Their white flags sway – as slow-motion Geishas – far, far away! I rise, – as a dazzling, Dionysian apparition – from the Melpomenian ashes of time, as the intellectual hell-cat: a poetic hero extraordinaire; the syntactic pyromaniac, with a jugular full of flares!

COPYRIGHT – Cassandra Swan – 2005 – All rights reserved. 


Obfusc – Dark.

Abaddonian – Abaddon – Angel of the bottomless pit.

Perspicaciously – Clear-minded, astute, perceptive, discerning; clear-sighted.

Patagonian – Gigantic.

Gyte – Crazy, mad.

Hydria – Ancient Greek water-vase.

Mezzo-relievo – A degree of sculptural relief halfway between high and low relief; a carving or sculpture in this form.

Psychagogue – The conductor of souls to the underworld; someone who calls up spirits; someone who guides the mind; a means of restoring consciousness.

Eclaircissemental – The act of clearing up a misunderstanding; explanation.

Pneuma – Breath; spirit, soul.

Bragi – God of eloquence.

Spansule – Type of pill, generally a capsule containing grains coated with varying amounts of a soluble substance, so that the medicine is released into the body slowly over a period of time.

Minacious – Threatening.

Muskegs – A swamp, bog or marsh.

Thaumaturgist – A wonder-worker, a worker of miracles, applied e.g. to certain saints.

The Alexander Technique – A technique of exercise, manipulation, etc designed to improve posture and so avoid physical strain.

Hydrophidae – A family of venomous sea snakes.

Troparion – A stanza or short hymn.

Trireme – An ancient Greek galley, esp a war-galley, with three banks of rowers.

Rivage – A bank, shore.

Peak Experiences – An altered state of consciousness resembling a form of oceanic feeling, in which a person experiences an ecstatic dissolution of the usual bonds of space and time and an attitude of wonderment and awe. The concept was introduced by the US psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-70) in his book Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences (1964).

Noctivagant – Wandering in the night.

Orgulous – Haughty.

Trophonian – Of the deified Trophonius, or the cave in Boeotia where he delivered oracles and conferred solemnizing mystic experiences.

Lokian – Norse God of mischief.

Maskirovka – The use or practice of deception as a military stratagem; camouflage. (Russ, camouflage, from maska disguise, mask).

Graphorrhoealist – Excessive, uncontrolled, writer.

Lissome – Lithe, nimble, flexible.

Pellucid – Perfectly clear.

Diffusion of responsibility – A reduced sense of personal responsibility and individual accountability experienced by members of a group, often leading to behaviour untypical of the group members when alone. 

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