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Horror movies are perhaps the most captivating genre in the cinema industry. No other genre sends you chills down the spine like this genre. The gruesomeness, the blood, the ghosts, the “based on a true story” taglines, the unexpected pops and shocks that ghosts love to give, everything accounts for absolute entertainment.

A key factor that makes these movies so amazing is the application of different sounds at various frequencies that psychologically send a signal to the brain – a signal that brings forth a feeling of impending danger, and as a result, fear. Moviemakers spend a lot of time to understand how these eerie sounds can be produced, and pay careful attention to deliver absolutely clear sounds, that finally combine to deliver a blow that keeps you up for nights.

Now, all these sounds are crafted to suit theatres, but what if you were to watch a horror film online, on sites like Netflix? Obviously our home’s audio systems do not have sophisticated technologies as compared to theatres, so the sound quality drops. The horror movies we watch online do not produce the same feel anymore.

To bridge this very gap and give you the best music/horror film experience possible. SoundPEATS has brought about the SoundPEATS True Wireless Earphones. In this article, we’re going to see why these earphones are one of the best in the market and the best companion for your horror films. You can click here to find the complete SoundPEATS review, or just read on to find out. 

About SoundPEATS

SoundPEATS is a headphone manufacturing company that originates from China. This company boasts a range of models that are all pretty amazing. But the star of the show is definitely the SoundPEATS TrueAir which is a compatible wireless headphone that can be used both outdoors and indoors. They also have a BLUETOOTH 5.0 connection so an absolute solid connection with your iOS or Android device at all times can be assured.

Wireless headphones are a new trend these days, with so many companies viewing to slim down their phones by removing the headphone jacks. At this juncture, there are almost a hundred different wireless earphones being rolled out every day. Beating almost all of them is the TrueAir by SoundPEATS.

What’s So Special About Them?

The SoundPEAT TrueAir wireless headphones have a lot of advanced features other than the BLUETOOTH 5.0 with Bluetooth protocol AAC, APTX, SBC. The earphones use QCC3020 chipset, a state of the art chipset with resistance 32.

The battery level is also commendable- the charging case houses 600 mAh and each earbud is powered by 40 mAh. You can play music continuously for up to 28 hours at a time.

TrueAir also has a microphone and a drive unit which is a Biomembrane drive of 14.2mm. boasting a great frequency response of 20 – 20000 hertz.

Equipped with a lightning-fast C-type charging port, the earbuds take just around 2 hours to completely charge the device.

Peek into the box

The SoundPEATS TrueAir earbuds come with a box that is printed with the symbol of the company. Minimal, yet elegant. Inside the box, along with the earphones you can find a charging cable, charging case, and an instruction manual.


One of the great things about these earbuds is that it looks exactly like the Airpods of the Apple company. This shows how much importance the design is given. Each of the earbuds just weighs around 34 grams which are so light is the weight which also causes no problem to the ears. The main reason for having it manufactured so light is that upon wearing it you will not feel the presence of the earbud in your ear and rather enjoy the music in a very distinctive way.

With a white shade giving a beautiful impact on the earbud with also having it all covered in a plastic body it gives the essence of the Airpods. Also to make it more worth it a touch control function is added at a front of the earbud and the bottom is the charging area and also has a microphone. Against the dust and also the sweat it has the latest rating of IPX5 standard which can hold a level of sweat and dust. It is also having a magnetic connection to charge the pods.

There is an LED indicator inside the charging box to indicate if the charge is full or not. The dimensions are 25 x 21.9 x 16 mm.


One of the many best things about this Earbud is its connectivity. It can connect to a distance up to ten meters with which it is strong and at the same time uninterrupted interface of the earbuds. Having the BLUETOOTH 5.0 makes it compatible for easy connection on to the external device and also easy to operate.

Touch Control

The TrueAir earbuds also come with control assistance through touch. From the outer surface where there is a touch area to do multiple functions. By double-tapping, the area the song can be paused, played and also calls can also be ended up. To forward or backward the song the touch area should be held for about 1.5 seconds.

Even the volume level of this earbud can be manipulated by using touch inputs. It can also initiate a Voice assistant in the smartphone by triple tapping the touch area.

Sound Quality

Though having all the sleek designs and all features the most important thing about the headphone is the sound quality. The truer has a biomembrane inside which has a 14.2 mm embedded in it.

It also has a Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset inside the device to enhance the sound systems. By adding all these to the earbud it improved as well as emits a bass rhythm at a varied level of frequencies. The driver unit is used o enhance to deliver the sound effects in a good way.

Closing Thoughts

From the device SoundPEATS, TrueAir earbuds are good and the design and all the features of this brand are organized beautifully like from the assembling of the device to the crafting everything seems to be perfect. With great sound quality and pure sound, your favorite horror movies are now just a tinge away from reality. Read more about these earbuds on this SoundPEATS review website.




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