March 17, 2020 2:10 pm

Here we will look at myriad reports of people who were just going about their business in public places, only to see one of the people in the background of their everyday life simple evaporate into nothingness.

Some of the creepier of such reports of people seeming to just evaporate before their eyes have come from people who seemed to be just walking or even driving down the street like it was just any ordinary day, before simply blinking out of existence. One such odd account comes from an unexplained-mysteries forum by a witness calling herself “Ravenesse.” She claims that her and her husband were driving home through a thinly forested area on a well-maintained 2-lane road in a semi-suburban area with numerous houses about, and were on the lookout for the deer that occasionally would leap out in front of cars, when they had a very strange experience they would never forget. The witness says:

It was about 6pm. Still daylight, but we were on the lookout for deer. They bolt out of nowhere, and can do a lot of damage. I saw a figure crossing the road about 100 yards ahead, and pointed it out to my husband so he would be aware. (I’m the worst passenger seat driver!) There was a white car headed towards us, and the man walked behind the car as he was crossing the road right to left. It had to have just missed him, but it didn’t slow down. It was definitely an older man. Thin, hunched over a bit in the shoulders, and slow. I could see the light between his legs as he walked. The man had no color, he was black/grey with no definitive outline. At that distance, I should’ve been able to determine the color of his clothing – jeans? Plaid shirt? White T-shirt? No, the entire figure was black/gray. I assumed he was returning across the road from getting his mail. Rural routes all have the mailboxes on one side of the road. Once he crossed the road, I lost sight of him when passed behind the group of tall bushes. I expected to see a home on the left, where he would be headed, and a mailbox on the right. Nope. The bushes on the left were in a group all alone by the side of the road, surrounded by probably 100 acres of vacant farmland. There was no house on the left. Nor was there a mailbox or home on the right. The closest home was 300 yards away up on a rise in the road. He just disappeared behind the group of bushes and was gone.

It is hard to say if this was a ghost sighting or someone who vanished, but the witness seems for the most part convinced it was a real, physical person. Next we have an account given by Reddit user “Campbell soup 22,” who says this happened as he was driving to work and running a bit late when he stopped at a 4-way intersection for a red light. He explains that there was one car in front of him, a high school to his right, and on the corner a kid waiting to cross the street. It would have been rather mundane and just a normal traffic light stop, until the kid would apparently cross that street and step off the face of the earth. The witness says of the strange sight:

I was very focused on the kid as he crossed. He made it to the other side, before turning around and walking back onto the road. I had assumed he dropped something and hadn’t noticed until he got to the other side, but I could only assume due to the car in front of me blocking my vision of the middle section of the crosswalk. I was now more focused on the kid because I was wondering what he had dropped, if anything, and I watched him as he walked back north the way he came until he left my vision behind the car in front of me. Then he was gone. I didn’t see him through the windows of the car in front of me, I didn’t see him walk out from the other side of the car, I didn’t see him walk back east the way he was originally walking, he was nowhere to be seen. I looked around to my left and to my right, and he was gone. He was also the only person walking so it’s not like he disappeared amongst other people. He wouldn’t have walked north or south, as he had just walked to the middle of the road and the road didn’t have medians to walk on. As our light turned green, I drove away, looking in my mirrors to try and see this kid somewhere. At that point I knew he hadn’t fallen on the road where I couldn’t see him because the car in front of me would have run him over if he had. If I hadn’t been driving to work, I would have stayed to try and figure out where the kid ended up. I wish I could know what the person in the car in front of me saw. To this day I can’t explain where he went.”

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This post was written by Nadia Vella