October 13, 2020 2:12 pm

The psychological impact that the lockdown has taken on us is something to be concerned about. Our lives changed a lot, for the better or in many cases for the worst.

In this moment, you might be eager to watch some sports you never paid attention before, maybe bet on the MMA odds or even golf. If you are bored to death however, there are some decent pieces of fiction to take your mind away from the reality.

Therefore, the top 5 lockdown horror movie selection to keep you entertained while away from civilization.

Hush (2016)

Not many movies are as enjoyable to watch as this one. The feeling of despair and the dread that runs through your body as you witness such a well written work goes distances.

This film was directed by Mike Flannagan, known for his work in horror movies and not relying on those lames but sometimes usable jumps cares.

Hush presents us to a young writer who has lost the ability to speak and to hear. As a writer she moved to a house in the middle of nowhere to finish something she was working on.

The only person that would visit is her friend, but someone was lurking around and let’s just say they are very capable with the knife.

The Invisible Man (2020)

This Sci-Fi horror film shows our unstoppable fear of the unknown, of that you can’t see, but you fell that is there, watching you. The flick was based loosely in the novel of the same title written by H. G. Wells in 1897 and directed by the writer of Insidious and the Saw saga Leigh Whannel.

Trapped in a more than toxic marriage to a wealthy man, the protagonist runs away after her husband apparently killed himself. However, he has in fact apparently found a way to become invisible. This movie, besides the horror plot, depicts also a great metaphor on how great powers bring great responsibility and how invisibility could be a threat in the wrong hands.

Green Room (2015)

Remember how much you’ve wanted the lockdown to be over, how you planned to enjoy your nights and days off, go to a concert. Now imagine you’ve ended up trapped and being held by a gang that’s undoubtedly going to kill you and it’s just a matter of time. Something along those lines waits for you in the Green Room.

This is the third movie feature for Jeremy Saulnier as a Director and earned him the praise of international press and acclaimed broadly during its debut. In the cast, there is a familiar face: the great Sir Patrick Stewart.

The Ritual (2017)

Travelling with friends somewhere far might not happen anytime soon. Nonetheless, if you could, you probably would like to go somewhere you haven’t been before.

Looking for a new experience, facing new cultures. These 4 friends tried it. Ritual is a British movie, where a group of friends go on a trip in memory of another friend, during their adventure through a forest in Sweden and they come across some old and strange creature. Slowly, the forest and everything that lies within it have an impact on this group.

David Bruckner, known for The Signal, and V/H/S, directed this movie, dragging us across the snow, the despair, and a taste of blood and self-deprecation.

We also face unexpected antagonists, and an atmosphere that can only drive us insane… and delighted.  Available on Netflix, so enjoy it!

The Perfection (2018)

This promising musician leaves her conservatory and her future to take care of her terminally ill mother. After the death of her parent, she reconnects with part of the institute she once belonged to and meets the girl that took her place. That unravels a world of sex, power, torture and abuse.

This psychological horror and Thriller film, brings the darkest of plot twists, spiraling you down to a place where only those well connected can tell your future. If you don’t do what they order you, prepare to pay the consequences, or do anything to avoid them.

There you have our top 5 horror flicks to survive lockdown. Make sure to get your laptop and find these movies on the streaming services. Winter is coming and it’s also a great time for enjoying a good film.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella