November 16, 2020 2:31 pm

“Anxiety Kills, Right?” is a collaborative effort between metalcore band Dishonor The Martyr and horror production studio JFP Studios.

The film follows a wealthy eccentric, simply named “The Boy” (played by Robin Burnette), as he is on a journey to collect the evidence from the Michael Myers murders from the 70s. After offering $60,000 to anyone that collects it for him, the ad’s request is quickly answered by Brian, a petty criminal (played by Travis Murray). Now the two have to make the exchange, but little does Bryan know that the evidence wasn’t what The Boy was looking for.

The first official first single from Death Of A Martyr‘s freshman release also features Jacob Shaw from Defiler. Accompanying them within the music video are original scores by JFP Studios and narration from horror director Jaiden Frost.

The film was created in North Carolina and has a run time of approximately seven and a half minutes.

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