June 22, 2021 3:00 pm

There is no denying that technology rules our lives in almost every aspect – we as a society depend a lot on technology. Whether it be our laptops, our cars, or our home appliances, we have programmed our lives using technology down to the last minute. When speaking to a company providing IT Support in London, they have said that the rise of technology has been tremendous. Some people might even say that our dependency on technology has created more problems than we would like – giving rise to the term “technophobia.”

Technophobia can be described as an intense fear of complex technology. Things such as computers or tablets have crept into the horror movie genre over the last few decades as technophobia have risen. There are many stories of technology taking over and causing chaos in people’s everyday lives. Say for example you are living in the UK, a Managed IT Services London based company is in charge of taking care of an elite businesses entire IT Support System, having complete control of their systems this kind of control is what a technological bot or robot possesses and the scary outcomes of this kind of story are shown in many horror films today. So let us take a look at some high-tech horror movies from the past few years and share our favorites with you!

  1. Girl House (2014)
  2. Share. Follow (2017)
  3. Bad Match (2017)
  4. Unfriended (2014)
  5. Don’t Hang Up (2016)

If you have a thing for horror films and want to see how scary technology can get – you have got to watch these five films. Just think about it – high tech and horror really do go together like peanut butter and jelly! Mad scientists, killer robots, and crazy technologies have all featured in many horror films and as an IT Support Company in London, we have a special love for technology – these kind of horror films are right up our ally!


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