August 29, 2022 11:57 am

This family might look perfectly ordinary at first glance, but that’s far from the truth.

Jon Paul Kenny, 32, and his partner Kymmi Jeffrey, 37, love going ghost hunting with their two daughters, Snow, nine, and Pebble, six.

The family’s second car is a hearse and Snow often draws the spirits she sees, with her parents calling her Wednesday Addams as a result.

The couple also say they have a third ‘daughter’ in the form of a ghost – and they often encounter her on their adventures.

The family stopping off at a McDonald’s drive-thru

Kymmi, who met Jon Paul when they were both working in the same school, explains: ‘One year for my birthday, Jon Paul bought us a ticket to go on a ghost hunting tour, and we haven’t looked back since.

‘We loved it so much we decided to set up on our own and offer ghost hunting experiences for people, as well as doing it as a family with our young daughters.

‘I was so sceptical at first, I didn’t really know what to expect.

‘Being a therapist, I am quite a logical thinker and I always want to try and de-bunk our findings but sometimes there just isn’t a logical explanation. They really do blow our minds sometimes.

‘When we did the first tour, we saw a little girl, and we feel like she attached herself to us as we always see her when we’re ghost hunting. I feel like she is our third child.’

The family hearse, which they’ve named Morticia, has earned them quite a bit of attention.

‘We initially thought it would be the best way to advertise our business,’ said Kymmi, ‘but we love it and use it as a family car. It is a four-litre engine, so it does go quick but takes a while to pick up speed.’

Kymmi admits that the vehicle is how they got the nickname of the ‘real-life Addams family.’

She adds: ‘We’ve been to a few places in it, when I got out of it in Tesco car park you could see people’s heads turning. We’ve also gone to the pub in it too, although it does take up two parking spaces.

‘However, I don’t think we could take it to work – I don’t think the head teacher would be too pleased.

‘We’re going to start taking it through McDonald’s drive-throughs as well, it would be great to see people’s reactions.’

It’s also clear that Snow’s talent for seeing ghosts fits right into her family’s hobby.

Her father, who works as a teacher, says: ‘Snow sees them all, she has a real superpower.

‘When we took Snow and Pebble to their first ghost hunting adventure, Snow first saw a solider type figure with a round head and a woman holding hands with a little girl.

‘When she said it in the car on the way home we were really shocked, and so we asked her to draw what she saw. After doing a little research into the place we had been we saw there had also been other sightings of this. She got it spot on, even down to the clothes that were worn.

‘We never do research before a visit as we want to see what we can find there ourselves. When we went to Ryecroft Hall, she said she saw a half-headed man we didn’t think anything much of it at the time but then came to realise that Ryecroft hall used to be a World War One hospital.

‘We know it is quite controversial taking your kids ghost hunting, but we never go when it’s late at night.

‘We don’t think it’s anything to be scared about. People think of ghosts as being something scary, but it really isn’t.

‘We try and get our daughters involved in everything we do, and when we book to look at venues for events they’re always so excited to come with us and be a part of it all. We now call Snow Wednesday Addams.

‘At first, we were a little worried about what people would say, but we’ve had nothing but a positive response so far launching the business. People think it’s really cool.’

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This post was written by Nadia Vella